January 29, 2014

A Poem, For Edgar Acosta

Ode, Edgar
Days are long
and nights are tired

We really should
hang out more often

Our ladies get sleepy early
and we smoke weed

A Poem, by Edgar Acosta

aging punks no power chords—
outgrew those years ago
but our inner ’hawks stand, still Tall
Tales from the ride to rehearse
before we put you in a hearse
booted from the band

on york another hipster tease
neil young and baby sneeze
River, los angeles? or just a stream

oh, throbbing heart of taco trucks!
feeding cholos everywhere
avenues gang, we “get” your bad graffiti
we promise to stop covering it up
if you’ll only learn to punctuate

withered flower monuments
mark the latest drive-by shooting
as a commercial shoots down the street
ever wonder what baghdad’s like?
stop by on fourth of july

the president lived here
maybe made it with your mama
after selling marijuana

and sasha green recorded down the street
at abbey road, but western-style
she’s a “messenger” with an “A”
Super A

and the roving chihuahuas yelp:
come te lo entero, es del paletero.
as a bass guitar plays roots and fifths
somewhere in the ’hood

you might even see a UFO, but look closer—
the dodgers are playing
it could just be a sombrero

December 30, 2013

99 Bottles of Beer - The Book!

After two years of diligent painting, painful research, and almost another year of layout and pre-press matters, my first self published book is finally in my hands! After all is said and done, this first edition is a soft bound, signed and numbered edition of 50. Printing and binding was done by HH Imaging in San Francisco.

This book would not have been possible if it were not for the help of Delaine Ureno, Betsy Winchell, Angel Villanueva, Chris Vena, Dominique Chatterjee, Chris Zeigler and Adrienne at HHI. And surely not last, nor least, a thank you goes out to my wife Corinn, for dealing patiently with one person's obsessive talking about beer paintings for three years straight. All day, every day, seriously. 

An extra thank you also goes out to Jeff Grimes, for his contributions to this project of not only his writing, but also his creative mentorship. Thank you, thank you! 

As 2014 unfolds, I will be announcing my sales plans for the book, along with coinciding plans for a gallery exhibition, so keep checking in for all that! In the meantime, here is a preview of the paintings.

Besides by
Tall Tales and the Silver Lining

My friends, Tall Tales and the Silver Linings have a new self-released album out next month! I did the typography-design-layout. The photo is by Betsy Winchell. For the social media savvy - you know the deal.

If you live in (or will be visiting) Los Angeles during the month of January, catch Tall Tales live at the Echo on the 3rd, and at Los Globos on the 7th and 14th. Fun Times for the New Year!

November 12, 2013

Eric White is the MAN

Solo exhibition: All Of This Has Not Occurred, November 9th, 2013. Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles. ewhite.com

November 11, 2013

Peace of Pizza (who doesn't like either?)

Pizza - Acrylic on 12 x 12 canvas, 2012 *NFS
David Choe - Pizza Party Prints, 2013 *For Sale Here

October 2, 2013

Jeremy Okai Davis

Weapons at Hand - Acrylic on canvas, 2013
Website - here.

October 1, 2013

Now, More Time For Tea Parties.

"Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

September 30, 2013

Fugazi & The Future

Joe Lally - Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Why Should I Get Used To It (Dischord Records, 2011)

I used to play bass. Not in any big bands, just garage and (post) punk bands, before I went to art school. I love music, playing and listening, though I have done more of the latter since the last band I was in. Technically, I still pick it up now and then when at home, alone at night, with headphones. Who knows, maybe someday again? I still do love it, though my chops betray me. Oh, well. Riding a bike.

Bass heroes.

It might be very revealing of my age to list the bass players that I am most inspired by and who affected my perspective on how to approach the instrument: Geezer Butler, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Mike Watt, Leonard Hubbard, Chuck Dukowski, Matt Freeman, Klaus Fluoride, Eric Avery, Joe Lally.

Of all of them, Joe Lally is the one.

It's what he plays. It's what he does not play.

That's the open air secret of brilliant bass playing that is most challenging to master. It's hardest to play the negative spaces yet to not come across as lazy or uninspired, than anything else. Triplets, ghost notes, harmonics over chords, tapping, slap, all challenges to dexterity and strength. But it's that space, that silence, that makes great bass playing. That, and knowing when to  play with simplicity. Simplicity and the desire to sit back, hold it down and let everyone else shine in the light, until your solo, if there ever is one.

Joe Lally.

It's all about Joe Lally.